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Recipes for minecraft


Download on phone of recipes for crafting and you can always learn how to do the minecraft one or the other thing. The application provides all the description for any item to Minecraft, more than 200 combinations.A convenient menu allows you to quickly find what you need. A detailed description of each recipe, ingredients and photos.You always can easily learn how to make potions, blocks, food, paint and other things in minecraft. Recipe book minecraft on your phone, it is an indispensable tool for crafting. We are finalizing the version of the application and in the future it will be even more information! From it you learn how to do at home, portals, TV, phone, or to build an entire city! Features:-Completely free-Easy control-A lot of information
This collection is suitable for version 0.12; 0.12.1; 0.12.3; 0.13.0; 1.8.8 and others. Put your evaluations and leave requests in the comments!